Home Makeover

Home Makeover

Project Description
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  • June 20, 2016


Fresh paint, floors, windows, doors, and more – a quick & streamlined update, inside & out!

Whether you’re just moving in or have lived in your home for decades, sometimes your space needs a thorough update, what we call a “mini home makeover.” At NM&C, you get everything you need to completely refresh and rejuvenate your home from one expert source and get it done all at the same time. It’s faster, easier, and smarter.

Streamlined Approach: Dramatic Transformation

Instead of researching multiple tradespeople, sourcing dozens of materials, and then managing each project yourself in varying phases, you can trust our “one-stop” expertise for comprehensive products, services, and solutions. Our professional craftsmen are skilled, knowledgeable, and focused on delivering the highest quality work in your home along with a respectful and responsive client experience.

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