Today’s Kitchens Serve Many Purposes Beyond Cooking

Today’s kitchens serve many purposes beyond cooking. A kitchen is now the heart of our home, where we most often spend time together as a family, help kids or grandkids with homework, take care of household office tasks, eat and entertain. When you’re planning a custom kitchen in your whole home remodel, the most important decisions revolve around how you want your space to function for your lifestyle today and in the future. Here are some of the elements to consider for your kitchen remodel:



Space planning is essential in a custom kitchen design. A professional designer can help you determine the most effective organization for your kitchen based on key questions about how you will most often use the room. Whether your focus will be on family time, elegant entertaining, or cooking and baking, the layout of your kitchen will make all the difference in your daily enjoyment of the space.


Cabinetry is a significant percentage of your remodeling budget and dramatically influences the overall look and feel of a kitchen remodel. This is an area where the expertise and guidance of a professional design team is crucial. An experienced


designer can help you understand the details of cabinetry design and how to select the ideal style, quality and value for your needs.

The lighting in your kitchen design is essential to how your space functions and feels. A professional designer approaches lighting in layers, from task-oriented lighting to accent, decorative and ambient lighting. Subtle variations in these layers make a dramatic overall impression.

A kitchen remodel designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle gives the central hub in your home a more inviting, efficient, and livable sensibility.